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    Defective IR Blaster cable ?


      Hi There


      Just bought and installed a brand new Slingbox Pro HD + a Denver DVB-C Cablebox, which are connected to the Slingbox via composite cable.


      My problem is that i am not able to control the Cablebox using the IR Blaster cable. I have tried using 2 different digital cameras and have used both built-in Cable-Box profiles and self-made ones - no luck. There is absolutely no flashing white light from the infrared LED's and absolutely no reaction frm the Cable-Box.

      Then I tried installing af DVD machine. Same problem. Nothing happens when I run the "Power Button Test" - no flashing white light in the camera and absolutely no response from the DVD machine.


      Result: a very dissapointed customer that is only able to watch the one channel that is default in the cable-box. Pretty boring in the long run :-)


      Please help me. I have checked that the IR Blaster cable is firmly inserted into the Slingbox, so I'm pretty sure that the cable is not working. What do I do now ?


      Best regards


      Ole Wissing

      Denmark, Europe