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    Upgraded my box yesterday. Now having problems.


      I have had my slingbox ProHD in use for over 2 years with no problems. It is plugged into a Comcast Cablebox on the S-Video input. Since I upgraded the box to the new software yesterday, everything works fine as long as the tv that is plugged into the same cablebox is turned on. When I turn that tv off, the slingbox output to my PC has a screen come up that says the DVI/HDMI output is blocked. It says "COPY PROTECTION" on the top. This obviously is coming from my cablebox. As soon as I turn the tv back on, the screen goes away and my picture returns. When I press exit on the remote control that appears on my tv screen, the picture returns also. The problem is I don't have this remote on my i-phone so there is no way to recover when I am on the road. Is there a solution to this problem?