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    Hooking up Slingbox Pro HD to att uverse cisco IPN4320 dvr


      Hello all,



      We recently switched from Charter to Att and with the exception of finding out that HGTV, The Food Network, and the DIY channel were all blacked out the day before we had it installed due to price negotiations with att and the scripps network. Anyways we got the slingbox hooked up to the router and the remote viewing and picture/audio is working fine, except for the one small problem being that we couldnt find the IR sensor, we ended up positioning it to the right of the three led indicators on the front of the dvr, which is what others say was the location of the IR. But for some reason it couldn't find it, nor were we able to find the remote code online in any of the other forums we searched. If anyone knows the code or a link to a custom remote that will work with it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.