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    "Weak or no video" and Airport Extreme and Airport Express


      I have an Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) acting as a router behind an Actiontec modem (in bridge mode) on Verizon in the east coast.


      I can connect my Slingbox Solo to my AEBS router with an ethernet cable and set everything up to see video off the internet in another city.


      But I really would like to have my Airport Express connect to my AEBS as a wireless bridge (I've heard this is called ProxySTA), and have Slingbox connected to my Airport Express through ethernet cable (which are in a different room from the AEBS).


      (By the way both my AEBS and Airport Express are the latest models (n-capable) and I've confirmed they should be able to do ProxySTA.)


      I think I've followed all the instructions correctly for setting up the wireless bridge (I followed these instructions:  http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2638404&start=15&tstart=0)


      I have also done port forwarding of the Slingbox Solo through AEBS (using the method discussed at the bottom of this page:  http://forums.dealmac.com/read.php?4,2774962)


      Anyway the problem is when I try to configure the Slingbox through the Slingplayer, it recognizes the ip address (which I can see under Slingbox Directory-Information, and there is green dot that says "LAN connected"), but screen says I have a "Weak or no video" and I only get a black screen on my video window  (sometimes I get a horizontal green streak running across a black screen, sometimes it's a blue screen)  But I should have a perfectly fine video signal coming from the source (a vip622 dishnetwork box, composite cables connected to slingbox). (And I don't have the problems described in the slingbox support page here:  http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-005764.html )


      What am I doing wrong?  I've done all the sort of obvious things like done hard re-sets of both Airports and the Slingbox Solo.


      I have a sense that the problem may have something to do with port-forwarding, as that's one part where I'm kind of just following a recipe, but don't really have a great handle on what's going on there.  For instance, I'm kind of confused about whether the port-forwarding ip address I used should have been the "DHCP reservation" number I had setup in AEBS, or the Airport Express's ip address that was newly created after it joined/extended the network -- that's what the the Slingbox is connected to.  And/or should I be port-forwarding the Airport Express's ip address in addition to the Slingbox's "reserved" ip address?