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    Slingbox Classic vs Slingbox Solo




      I have bought the slingbox classic a couple years ago and it is hooked up in house A.  I recently did a speed test and found that I get about 1 MBPS upload speed at house A's location.


      When I connect to my slingbox classic from house B the picture doesnt look so good when viewing it on my 48 in TV.  I checked my download speed from house B and I get about 7-10 MBPS...so I am not thinking the internet is causing the picture to be bad.


      I was wondering if I upgrade to the Slingbox Solo if my picture would get any better.  Is there better technology with the Slingbox Solo to make my picture better?  I am not interested in streaming sling to a phone (Iphone, etc...).

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          The solo has the same resolution as the classic. A pro HD unit is capable of better picture up to full HD (however you'd need 3.5 mbps or above to stream in full HD resolution; which you're bandwidth currently won't support). It will hoever allow for better picture using your existing 1mbps bandwidth.