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    Slingbox loses internet connection after a few days


      I have a slingbox hd pro connected to a Dlink DIR-615 router using comcast cable as the internet service.  Occassionally, during internet viewing, I lose connection with the with the slingbox and the error message states "there was a problem communicating with the slingbox.  try connecting again."   The only was to correct this is to manually cycle power on the slingbox itself.  If this problem occurs while I am away from home, the slingbox is useless until I return home.  Is there anything I can change to correct this problem?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Try setting an internal static ip address to the slingbox both from within the slingbox's setup assistant's option to do so as well as within your dlink router. I had a simular issue with it being reassigned a new internal address by my dlink router almost everytime I signed into the slingbox as it would tend to grab the first available IP address which conflicted with the 5001 remote viewing port's assigned ip.....