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    Blackberry Style 9670 and slingplayer

    loganzuber Newbie

      Just got the new blackberry Style on sprint and cannot get the slingplayer to load properly.  Go figure it is not supported on the list of 2 plus year old devices.  However I tried the tricks to get it to work (Bold .11, .13, .2 And even the beta .0503?).  Any one have any ideas?  I dropped $30 bucks for this in august and worked fine with my bold.  Now I'm sitting with a brand new NICER device that does do jack (sling player wise).  The errors I get are either "slingplayer not installed properly" or error "cod".  I tried doing the manual install of the jad and cod and still nothing.  Hate to return the phone as I anm liking so far.