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    SlingPlayer crashing on iPhone 3g


      I have a SlingBox Pro-HD hooked up to a TiVo HD.   If I go from live video back to the TiVo menus, or start playing from Now Playing the SlingPlayer app usually crashes.   When it does you see the box stop slinging and when I go back into the app, it says someone else is logged in viewing a stream and asks if I want to disconnect them (to which I say yes).   However, this morning rather than crashing, I got a Media Stream playback error and the SlingBox was still flashing its LEDs like it was slinging.


      Just wondering which is actually having a problem - the SlingBox or the iPhone SlingPlayer app.   I suspect since I have the TiVo set to display native, one of the two can not handle the change in resolution.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Is your iphone jailbroken? If so I's say there is an issue there----try restoring the iphone back to apples current release to confirm. If it works without issue on apples firmware, then rejailbreak and try again.


          If your iphone is not jailbroken, remove and reinstall the sling mobile app for iphone; and once again try.


          On a different note; when or if you ever have a crash or disconnection and immediately conenct again, you will always get the message that the slingbox is in use. Since the connection stoipped abruptly, it will take the slingbox a min or 2 to end the session completely. If you log in before the previous session's time out phase, then you get the message.

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            My iphone crashed also when i tried to download slingplayer. Do you have updates when this happens??:) thanks.