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    Initial Setup...


      I'm new to the Slingbox community and am having problems with the setup.  I got past the part (that is not mentioned anywhere in the quickstart or in the video tutorial) about needing a second set of RCA cables to be able to watch your own TV and use the sling as a pass through.  I have video that is pretty good, but no audio and can't make this work.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          It would be easier to help you if you described what your setup is.  Do you have cable tv and a cable box?  Satellite tv?  Cable without a cable box?  OTA antenna?  If you have cable with a cable box, you don't need to change how your tv is already set up.  You simply run component cables and L/R audio from your cable box to the Slingbox.   If you are using the component outputs for your tv, you can use S-video or composite cables for the video to the Slingbox.