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    Slingbox can't be seen without ethernet switch in between router & Slingbox

      I recently got a Slingbox Pro from a family member. For some reason it had stopped working for him, i.e., it could no longer be seen on his network.
      I tried setting it up on my network, but the result was the same. I tried everything I found in the forums here & elsewhere, re-setting, etc.
      I had an 10 yr old ethernet switch (10/100) lying around & decided to put it between my router & the Slingbox: ethernet cable from router into switch, ethernet cable out from switch into the Slingbox.
      Guess what? With the switch in the chain, the Slingbox appears on my network within seconds!
      I've set it up on both my Mac & Windows laptop & it streams with no problem. If I remove the switch at this point and connect the Slingbox directly to the router again, the network light comes up within seconds & stays solid, but the Slingbox can no longer be seen on the network!!!
      Anybody know what's going on?
      Why will it work only with the switch in between the router & Slingbox?
      PS. Across all the reading through googling & support I haven't come across anybody mentioning a similar situation.