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    Slingbox classic and Windows 7 sound problem


      I have installed Slingplayer software on my 64bit Windows 7 computer and everything is working with the exception of the sound.  Sound is very low.  Dialog can barely be heard with sound turned all the way up to 100%, but this causes extremely loud sync buzz.  This works perfectly fine on my Win XP computer.  I have looked at the sound mixer in Windows 7 and it is not muted for Slingbox, I went into settings for Audio on the Slingbox application and moved the volume to maximum (which helped just slightly).  I also tried running in Windows XP compatibility mode, but that has not helped either.  Since this is working just fine on the computer with Win XP, I must be missing something.

      Is there anywhere else to change the volume settings?

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          After reading the suggestions on some other posts to install slingplayer software and not configure using the web configuration, I redownloaded the most current Slingplayer software (even though the version number was the same as what I originally installed), and reinstalled using the repair option.  This seems to have solved my problem and I am now able to receive sound at a normal level without the massive sync buzz I was getting before and extremely low sound.  Thanks everyone for the oblique help!