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    iPhone/iPod Touch Retina display (960x640 pixels) & Component AV cable out support


      Hi, I own a Slingbox Pro-HD and recently purchased an iPod Touch 4G that features a 960x640 display, the same resolution as the iPhone 4. I thought selecting the "high quality" versus "standard quality" option in the slingplayer software for that platform would give me a resolution close to the 720P my Pace 550HD set-top box is giving me. Unfortunately the video is very blocky, the audio is too compressed to be enjoyable. With an A4 processor@1Ghz, 256Mb RAM and PowerVR SGX graphics engine, the iPhone/iPod touch  is the next fastest thing next to a PC and is fully capable of receiving a stream of HD video over Wireless N provided by the Broadcom BCM4329 chip.


      Any feedback would be appreciated.



      Simon Rousseau