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    Slingplayer for Zio?  Won't run


      I just bought a sanyo zio yesterday.  It's running android w/ firmware version 2.1.  I downloaded slingplayer for android and got a "succesfully installed"  but everytime I tried to start the app it flashed for a second then quit.


      So I uninstalled it and tried again but I'm still having the same issue.  Anyone else using this phone thats had the same issue?

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          I'm having the same issues. I launch slingplayer I get a black flash and then nothing happens.

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              Hi, Schwindt and joncking.


              In this case, both of you must know that we recommend to use the SlingPlayer Mobile application for Android Mobile devices with the Slingbox PRO, Slingbox SOLO or the Slingbox PRO HD.


              Since both of you are using the Slingbox AV, the application will not work.


              The following link will provide you with the requirements.


              Devices and Requirements

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                  No, this is incorrect. Slinbox AV will work just fine w/ slingplayer for android (minus some features, but video streams great and DVR control is no problem).  I watched mine last night on my android phone.


                  The issue here is w/ the phone.  I took back the Sanyo Zio b/c it is a POS.  The processor is a dog and it is incapable of running the slingplayer.  I exchanged it for the Optimus S which was cheaper anyway and is a much better phone, now I have no problem streaming from my Slingbox AV at home.  For the price, there isn't a phone out there that can compete w/ Optimus.  It's like a 3g version of EVO.


                  Moral of the story, stay away from Sanyo Zio if you want to use a slingplayer.