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      When will a new app for the iPad be readily I have been waiting since April for a answer

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          I have a similiar question. I don't have an ipod touch or iphone. I purchased the sling application exclusively for use on my ipad thinking sling would be quick and release a free update. Now I hear they have a whole seperate application for 'ipad'. Will sling offer a free upgrade to those who purchased the sling app for the iphone after the ipad release date and have no use for the iphone app? Hopefully sling will do the classy thing and offer the ipad app for free to those who were early adopters. I have an old slingbox that isn't supported, but might upgrade if the software I already purchased for my ipad will be upgraded for free.

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              [quote]SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is about to launch and you're going to love it. When it becomes available it will be priced at $29.99, the same as all of our SlingPlayer Mobile applications. The new app will take full advantage of the iPad's beautiful display.


              The new SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad will only work with the Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO. Legacy Slingboxes, like the Classic, TUNER, AV and PRO, do not have the hardware capability to stream at the iPad's higher resolution. This means that if you own a legacy Slingbox, you will want to upgrade it.


              If you have already purchased SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, it will continue to work in "Compatibility Mode" on the iPad. The iPhone version of the app will stream from all Slingboxes, but not at the higher quality resolutions of the iPad app.


              So get ready, it's coming! To be the first to know the minute it launches, sign up here.http://www.slingbox.com/get/ipad-signup?utm_source=streamsend&utm_medium=email&utm_content=12910285&utm_campaign=Windows%20Phone%207%20-%20US [/quote]

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                  Likewise, I saw the announcement today. I own an original slingbox, and now the SOLO, have the Android mobile app and had previously purchased the windows mobile version when i used to be on that platform.  I bought the iPhone version for my iPad when I got it since there was no slingplayer for iPad - and fully expect to get a replacement when the iPad version is released shortly.  i don't own an iPhone, don't want to operate in compatibility mode any more, but also don't want to pay for another mobile release since i will then already own two obsolete versions.


                  Guys, take care of your dedicated and early adopters.

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                Agreed.  I've purchased for my iPad - before they added the fine print about it not being the official version and I'd have to pay again when the real version is ready.  They really should at least offer a discount for those who purchased early for the iPad  especially since they ADDED that fine print after the fact.  Other software developers do it all of the time and it is the right and ethical thing to do.


                I also purchased for winmobile and  blackberry and didn't complain about no platform change discount since it was my choice to change platforms.  This is different since they did not state that the iPhone version was not the official iPad software in the beginning.  They listed the iPad as one of the supported devices and that was all.  

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                    Maybe they will offer a license exchange after it's available for those of us who purchased with the sole intent of using the ipad. That would be good.

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                      I just hope they update the software controls on the current mobile version since it is clumsy to control an ipad with the iphone version.  I will not be buying a new Slingbox just for the better resolution and paying another 30 dollars for the ipad updated softwrae.  I can almost buy an Ipad for the price of both.  But glad to see slingbox finally get the update.

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                          Yes, it is abuse from Sling Media in closing the discussion and not offering a forum for comments and criticisms. Please get real: you screwed up charging for the iPad app for whoever already spent money with the iPhone app, and now are hiding behind "a site that is not for rumors". Please! Take a page out of the Apple playbook to learn what is customer service. There's a reason for so much backlash against Sling Media. Is it really worth the 30 bucks you get the backlash? Whatever you think about customer appreciation and loyalty is long gone. Lousy business decision... Look at the rest of the web: you won't be able to shut up anyone...

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                              LimeyUK Newbie

                              Cannot find how to add a new thread on this forum ...


                              I just bought the iPad app (not reading the fine print here) and realise that my PRO will not work ... that it doesn't allegedly put out as good a stream as the SOLO.  What BUNK.


                              So I ask ... is there a way to get a refund?  If so, from whom?  Sling, ITunes?  I am brand new to iPad.


                              And really feel ***** over by Sling.


                              I am not buying another Slingbox from them just to watch on iPad. At ANY price.


                              Especially when there is a FREE app from "another company" with a far better solution.


                              Many thanks.

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                                  Hi, LimeyUK


                                  Since you purchased the application through the App Store, you will need to contact them in order to get the refund for the $29.99 charge.

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                                      Pretty slimey.  iPaf app does not work with older Slingbox.  But you need to purchase the iPad App to find out.  Not the right way to do things.  Should be the reverse (they warn youbefore you buy)

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                                          Hi pgershon,


                                          We understand and respect your point of view. However, the requirements are clearly stated on the web site and the App Store. It clearly indicates that you must own a new generation Slingbox model. Make sure to check the following links in order to verify this information:




                                          iPad requirements


                                          SlingPlayer for iPad


                                          So, as you can see, the information has been available all the time in our web site at www.slingbox.com and also through the App Store.

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                                              I beg to disagree.  I went into Safari on the iPad assuming I would get service like I do on my Mac.  Instead I received a page telling me that there was an iPad app that I should use.  There was no OBVIOUS warning that it might not work with older products.  I made an assumption, which is not illogical, that since your iPhone app worked, the iPad app would work too.


                                              How do I get a refund as my app is not useful for me.

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                                                  In that case, since you purchased the SlingPlayer for iPad application through the App Store, I encourage you to contact them in order to know how to get the refund, according to their policies.


                                                  Mac App Store Support


                                                  Hope this helps!



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                                                      I very much disagree that "the requirements are clearly stated."


                                                      What small print of the website says is that if you have a Slingbox PRO (which I do) "you must upgrade your Slingbox."


                                                      I suggest that most people will understand "upgrade" to mean "download new software". I certainly did.  If it's intended to mean that if you have a Slingbox PRO "you must buy a new Slingbox as well as buying the app", then that's what it should say.


                                                      I suggest that your wording is unsatisfactory and needs to be reviewed.  When you are inviting people to buy something you should take more care.




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                                      I purchased a Slingbox SOLO mostly to view on my iPad and iPhone.  After reading all the info on the Sling website and watching the videos regarding installation of the mobile apps, I purchased the iPad app ($30) with the understanding that I could install it on five iOS devices as long as they are on the same iTunes account (My iPad & iPhone are on the same account).  Then I accessed the App Store on my iPhone to install the iPhone version of the app.  It was there along with a $30 price tag.  I'm thinking WTF, this is not supposed to cost anything.  So this morning I'm chatting with Sling Support and I'm told that since the iPad app won't work on the iPhone I have to buy the iPhone app for another $30.  I said that that is not what your advertising indicates but the rep was no help.  Told me that the app sale is handled by Apple and that there was nothing that could be done to waive the additional $30 charge for the iPhone app.  Even though it is stated that the iPad app won't work on the iPhone, there is NO MENTION of having to pay for the iPhone version.  The advertisement says the app can be installed on five iOS devices.  It does not say that you have to buy different versions for different devices.  What a friggin rip off.  Every other company I have purchased an appliance from has given their app away for free. Sonos. Twonky. Western Digital.  All have free apps.  Sonos even sells their own remote control for $300+ but gives a remote control app away for free.  That is how to attract and keep customers.  Sling Media needs to rethink how they do business.  As of now I would not recommend the SlingBox to anyone and am seriously thinking about returning mine before the 30 day return period expires.