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    Blackberry 9700 and OS 6

    Re_maxman Newbie

      I had my Blackberry Bold working perfect. Then I updated to the new OS 6 and it connects but there is no video or audio. I can change channels etc but no picture what so ever. Please help.

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          Have any of the recent beta releases played well with Slingplayer? I went back to OS5 a couple months due to problems with Slingplayer and haven't tried any beta OS 6's since.

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            Hi, Re_maxman and hddude55


            In this case, we recommend you to uninstall and reinstall the application from your Mobile device. Then, test the connection one more time. Make sure to follow this recommendation and let us know how it works for you.

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              I have had this problem with beta releases, I have uninstalled and them reinstaled but then I had problem where it says my phone is not supported and had to downgrade to OS v5. Thn when I upgraded I found that only certain beta OS v6 would work. Whn it wouldnt work, I found that pulling the battery and reboot did the trick but once you go into anothr application and then go back to use sling player same thing happnned again so another battery pull required. Dont know why u have to kep doing this.