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    No video when tv turned off


      I recently hooked up a sling box solo that worked fine for 2 days. Now if the tv is turned off you loose video but not audio when remotely switching channels. The cable box power is still on and responds to a direct remote control. The video returns when the tv is turned back on. The cable box is hooked to the tv with an HDMI cable, and the sling box is hooked to the cable box with component cables. All devices have been rebooted. Anyone have any ideas?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          It's most liekly a cable box issue with compliancy issues with the hdmi conenction. Alot of cable box's have this issue; when an hdmi cable is connected but not in use, it shuts off all other analog outputs for video thus your symptom. your solution is to connect the cable box to the slingbox with component video and digital for sound, then the component and digital output passthoughs of the slingbxo to the TV. Both component and hdmi cables output at a max resolution of 1080i in relation to the cable box---so no real loss there....