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    Slingbox solo update error


      I bought slingbox solo from eBay and can't update

      "error while update" I did many times

      It's slingbox problem?

      Please help

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          I am getting the same thing.  I have always been able to use my slingbox and it still works on my computer at home and away but will not connect on my iphone 3gs.  it says something like an account error so streaming has been disabled.  I went to my computer to update my firmware and everytime I get to 25 percent it says update error just like the OP.  I have reset everything and redownloaded the app as well.  I even directly hooked up my internet to my computer for a better connection and that did not work either.  I am afraid to call support because I hear it costs money becuase I have had my slingbox solo for over 90 days.  Can someone help?

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            Hi, Awakenmj and kyletracy1112


            If you are having issues to update the Slingbox firmware version, we recommend you to download and install the SlingPlayer software version for Mac or Windows computers. Make sure to set up the Slingbox for Internet Viewing, since this process will allow you to update the firmware version. The following links will allow you to get the SlingPlayer software versions.


            Windows software


            Mac software

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                My Slingplayer had been disconnected for some time.  Now, I've returned back to my house after 6 weeks of being disconnected and have at least found a connection with my computer and the Slingbox.  As I go through the motions of resetting everything, the slingbox setting part of getting started again asks be to update my slingbox.  In doing so, it downloads, then begins the erasing section of the update.  It seems to freeze right around 50% at the erasing portion of this.  Can anyone advise if this is an update error with the slingbox or if it is a common error that can be resolved by some other method?