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    random flickering lines on slinger player mod


      Using the slingbox pro hd for a month or so.  Slingbox player on windows, web version and even the blackberry version work fine.  However, since yesterday, there are some random line flickering on the slingbox players (all version).  I thought it was a bad TV connection, check TV, everything seems fine, reboot my PC, even blackberry, the flickering lines still there when slingbox player is on.  Then I pulled the slingbox unit power supply, then push reset.  Still the flickering lines are there.  Note, when I am using the mobile slingbox player version, the phone is streaming the video via 3G, not wifi.  I also connected the power supply to another power outlet, the random flickering lines still appear.  Anyone has similar issue? Or you think I got a bad unit?



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          Hi MochaSlingbox,


          Since you already reset the Slingbox, it could be an issue with the cables, the input on the Slingbox or the output on the cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, DVD or the coaxial. I recommend to test a different type of video cables with a different source. If you were using component, try to use S-Video or composite to connect a DVD and check if the issue persists.  If you perform this steps and the issue persists, the next step will be to contact Technical Support,


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