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    Main Site Broken & No way to contact support ...


      I've been a Sling user since the 1st generation box and proudly still use it today, however I'm really annoyed at the fact that the main site slingbox.com redirects you to a broken java script asking you for your country and the page just hangs. I've tried this on 4 different computers with 3 different browsers and at 4 different locations and each time the same thing happens... you get stuck at http://www.slingbox.com/get/countrySelect?next=http://watch.slingbox.com would be nice if someone from support actually would fix this issue. Had it not been for a backdoor I found online I would not even be able to get here to post.


      Another issue I've found is that there is way to email tech support, all the links on Contact Us lead to forums or FAQ's so much for really helping the users!


      Finally 1 minor comment or suggestion... I'm an Android Phone user but my account is paid for by my company, they don't mind me using my phone for personal use but I can't purchase any warez or apps from the app store so basically I can't take advantage of the new Android player because I have no way to get it... would be oh so simple if Sling got the app online for download and pay would come later by sling.com or paypal or something else so that it would not be a part of my phones bill. Sling should consider how much they might be losing by not making the software available via alternate channels.




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          I had the same problem on my Mac.  I finally got it to work with Firefox.  Thie sort of bug is ridiculous.  It is even worse that they offer no free support.  You cannot even contact them to tell them their wbsite does not work.  They deserve to be out of business and probably will be soon.  You cannot treat customers like this.

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            Ugh I am running into the same problem on my Mac.  Tried the same as you - 3 different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) and still nothing - just a redirect to the "Select Your Location" page where nothing I can do fixes the problem.

            And with no way to notify the webmaster/support, the problem won't just fix itself.  Come on Slingbox...


            Did you find a way to fix the broken javascript yourself on the client side so that you could get through to the main website?  This is a rediculous problem to have on a website that's used by hundreds of thousands of people a day.

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              I am having the same problem. I have tried Internet explorer and firefox from 2 different computers. Is this affecting eveyone or is it only a few ?


              Has anyone manged to find a solution yet?

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                  I encountered the same problem yesterday afternnon. Tried again just now, cannot access. When I login, only get the hour glass, no access.

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                    Techie Solution:



                    If you have Firefox, install the Firebug extension.  If you have Chrome, open the Developer Tools (View->Developer->Developer Tools).  If you have Safari, open the Web Inspector (part of the Developer Toolbar, not sure how I got that visible but I think it's a preference).  Once you have your developer tool open, put a breakpoint on line 348 of the countrySelect page:



                    345 $(document).ready(function(){

                    346 $("a.countryURL").click(function(){
                    347 sLocale =$(this).attr("locale");
                    348 pageTracker._trackEvent('CountrySelect', 'Click', sLocale);
                    349 SetCookie('slingboxLocale', sLocale);
                    350 if(page.indexOf("get")!=-1 && sLocale!="en_US" && all!="true")
                    351 page+="_"+sLocale.substring(0,2);
                    Since pageTracker is undefined, the script crashes here.  The sad part is, all we need to do to get to the next page is have line 349 run.  So when your javascript hits the breakpoint on line 348, switch to the console and run "SetCookie('slingboxLocale', sLocale);".  This will set a locale cookie in your browser.  The next time you try to watch TV, you'll skip the country select page.
                    This is an awful, awful hack/fix and the people at Slingbox should be ashamed that it's taken months (and maybe even years) for them to fix this problem that seems to have plagued many people.  When people can't use your product because you have a terrible support system/development team, no one should be using your product.  This is simple error handling at it's most basic level.  I hope someone out there is able to use the solution I've posted to enjoy their terrible product.
                  • F- CUSTOMER SUPPORT.  Country Selector Page Frozen

                    Wow.  For the past year, I (and apparently many others) have been unable to get into Slingbox.com due to an 'error' on the Country Selector page.  It freezes and blocks us from doinf anything else.  Lots of posts on the Forum regarding this problem  - no fix, and no response from Slingbox!  Gotta pay $ to even raise this issue.  Anyone know if a 'fix' is in the works??