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      After using my slingplayer mobile on my samsung Galaxy cell phone for over two months without any problems it dosen't connect stating check phone or sling box for internet connection. Although my slingbox account works with my laptop. I also changed the ethernet cable with a new cable. And I uninstalled the Android Slingplayer Mobile software( version 1) and reinstalled it. Still getting the connection failed message.

      The red horseshoe lights start when I click on the connect button on my cell but then the red lights stop while the cell phone slingplayer continues to state "starting" and then the message: Connection Failed. Please make sure your phone and Slingbox are connected to the internet". Sounds like it's timing out maybe. Just tried Wi-Fi connection and it worked fine but that's using my home wi-fi, can't use that away. So, it seems like it's my cell carrier that is preventing my connection? What gives Sprint? If anyone has any suggestions, thanks in advance!