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    IR for Sky Plus Box and Sky HD box


      I have set up the Slingbox Pro HD to a Sky HD satellite receiver (Thomson DSi8215 Sky HD Satellite) and also to a Sky Plus satellite receiver (Pace TDS470N) using component for the HD and S Video for the Sky Plus. Both units are based in the lounge and feed other televisions through the house using coax cable with different RF settings for each but remotes only operate a single unit. The IR cable from the Slingbox has been set up with the transmitters set just in front of the receivers on each satellite box. However when the remote via Slingbox is used it changes the channels on both satellite boxes.


      Although the manual remote controls operate only the HD box OR the Sky Plus box it would appear that the virtual remotes via Slingbox operate both boxes at the same time and as such is set up as the same remote for each.


      Does anybody know a way that this could be changed.


      Many Thanks