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    Hooking Up The Slinbox Pro HD to the Cable Box In Israel Yes-MaxHD


      i purchased a slingbox Pro HD to Hook It up in My Mom House In Israel and she have the Company called Yes which is one of the leaders in TV Programs Providers, they upgrade thire DVR to a new DVR  (YES-7820SX) that able to watch and record HD Contents (the other provider HOT do not have this type of DVR) when  i hooked up my slingbox to the DVR it could only find 3 older models and not the new one (even do its few years in the market) so i could only view and hear the channel that was viewed at the time but i couldent use the remote control till i found on the internet a post in Hebrew that explain how to use the old dvr with few adjustment, i did it and it worked (i needed to invite a tech guy from yes that he could put the cod for the remote control since the cod in that post didnt work for) but as he mentioned many features are not avilable on that remote since the old model did not had a DVR so you can't puse or fast forword or go bacword! and its a shame since the slingbox pro HD can provide all of that as long as Sling Box Add the New DVR to the LIST of DVR'S For YES


      i hope somone from slingbox programing is reading this since i intruduce the sling box to all my freinds in israel and freinds that have familys in israel and go back and forth to US and they would love to purchase the slingbox but all of them have the same service with Yes


      hope somone can give me an update when slingbox update the DVR list