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    Set Up Assistant Says Doesn't Recognize USA!!


      I've had a SlingBox HD for 4 years.  I have always been able to watch and configure the setup.  I recently bought a Mac and downloaded Slingplayer for mac.  I can watch fine, but the problem is I can't change any channels.  The remote icon is greyed out.  When I go into setup assistant to configure the inputs, I have to choose which country I'm in.  I choose USA and the yellow triangle with exclamation mark appears saying this slingbox model does not fully support USA.  A/V devices from this country may be missing from the device list and impossible to control"


      I have no idea how to work around this, or why it suddenly says USA is not fully supported.


      So, if I want to watch tv on Slingbox, I can, but if I want to change channels, I have to go to the room where the slingbox is, and manually change channels using my cablebox remote, which defeats the point.


      Any thoughts?