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    Buying the mobile software


      Do you have to buy the mobile software for each unit.  I have 2 IPOD touches, 2 Droids and 2 laptops.  At $29, can get real expensive, about $180.  Or can one download for $29 be put on all?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          You must purchase a copy for each platform (not for each actual unit).


          Assuming both of your ipod(s) are on the same iTunes account, you'll need to purchase (1)  ipod/iphone version which will cover both of your ipod touch(s) Apple lets you have up to 5 computers on a single account for just this purpose. Cost=$29.99




          You'll also need to purchase the android version of the app, which will cover both of your droids for installation (that's another $29.99)


          As for the laptops, there is no charge for using the slingplayer for a pc or mac actual computer, nor is there a charge for using the sling web portal from a web browser; so there is infact no cost for this portion.


          So your total cost would be $60.00...