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    Incorrect Password Help

      I have the slingbox solo, about 1 year+ old. Everything had been working fine, but recently it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect. I did a FACTORY RESET and now I am stuck in an endless loop. When I get to the step where it wants to choose my remote, the slinbox will work for 1-3 seconds then freeze, then I get the "Your Password is Incorrect"

      No matter what I do it always goes back to this screen.  I have  tried to reset the slingbox to factory defaults a few times with no  success.  Thanks for any help.


      Please don't tell me to do a factory reset, I have done this several times.


      I have tried port forwarding on 5001, I believe it's something to do with the router.. I am using a netgear.


      Any help would be most appreciated.


      Again, this USED TO WORK.