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    Odd TiVo Mini video problem

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      I've used my Slingbox 350 for years now and suddenly in the last month a new problem has come up.  Often (not always) when I use the Slingbox app to watch on my phone, I only get audio and no video.  I've confirmed that the video is just fine if I watch on the TV itself but that the video doesn't come through to the phone.  It's not that no video is coming through, though - if I go to the TiVo menu, I see it just fine on the phone.  And if I hit pause during playback, the TiVo pause bar shows up on the screen but the rest of it is black.  So I'm getting video through to the phone, but for some reason the actual video itself isn't coming through.


      Just to clarify, this is not related to the HDCP problem.  My TiVo Mini is connected to my TV with HDMI and to my Slingbox with component, but I have a splitter for the HDMI which gets rid of that error.  I have no message at all about there not being video.