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    SlingPlayer didn't locate a Slingbox on your network - Windows 7




      I feel a little guilty, adding my problem to a list of people whose problems seem way more complicated than mine, but here we go.


      The main problem: The SlingPlayer doesn't locate the Slingbox.


      The situation is as follows. We recently bought a Slingbox PRO and a router, had both delivered to my in-laws, who connected everything according to the Quick Start Guide. Router is working, Slingbox is working, power and network lights are on. Their pc is connected to the new router, and it's working properly too. However, after installing the SlingPlayer, it just doesn't locate the Slingbox.


      As mentioned, all the cables are plugged in, all the lights are on, and everything seems to be working. We deactivated their Firewall, and switched off their Security Program, but to no avail. SlingPlayer just refuses to find it. Their new pc operates Windows 7, but that should not be the problem.


      I just spent a few hours on the phone with them, in the mean time scanning the web, and reading through a whole bunch of similar problems on this very forum, but nothing presented me with the solution.


      I read a few bright answers here... Anybody have one for me?


      Thanks in advance!