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    Problem connecting behind proxy server


      I have just bought a new Slingbox PRO HD and have set it up for internet streaming.

      All this works great from most locations, except when trying to watch something from my work pc and I guess it has to be the firewall and port problems causing this?!


      Have been trying to access my Slingbox via web interface, but cannot “see” my box.

      Downloaded Slingplayer and tried to sett up default proxy server on settings, but still no contact with my box.

      In Slingplayer, I can “see” my box within the player, but not able to connect. Getting Advanced users: the error code is 0x1234000a errors whenever I’m trying to connect.


      Actually I bought this box primarily because I wanted to watch some games at work every now and then. But as it seems like “things” aren’t working the way I hoped. :o(


      I find it abit odd that from behind my workfirewall, I can watch all the videos I want from YouTube, and other video sources like newapapers etc. But watching my Slingbox seems to be complete impossible!? Why is it so?


      My work proxy server is set up with port 80 and I’m wondering if you have come up with a “fix” on how to watch Slingbox behind work firewall?


      Kindly regards.

      Per H.