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    Progressive Lip sync problem

    HT1977 Newbie

      I just installed my SB Pro-HD in my house.  Works great, but I have a lip sync problem that begins a few minutes into viewing and seems to get worse, and never recovers.  I can stop and restart the sling to restore the video stream, but the lip sync problem will start again.


      Picture is clear.  No connection problems are apparent.


      Any ideas on clearing this issue up?





        • Re: Progressive Lip sync problem

          I think this is due to a new version of firmware. I have had my Pro-HD for about a year, and this "feature" did not exist when I b ought it.I don't think we will be able to get anything done about this after reading other forum posts about this and other issues that were introduced by the upgrade. Hopefully they will come out with another update that resolves this.