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    Problems connecting via internet on classic since buying an HD-PRO


      I've recently acquired a second slingbox.  The second one is an HD-PRO.  My first one is a classic.  Maybe related, maybe not, but since I've used the HD-PRO for internet viewing I can now no longer connect via the internet to my classic box.


      I can connect to the classic box just fine on the LAN at home, but not over the internet.  Even if I put in the IP address and port number, I still cannot connect via SlingPlayer desktop client.


      When I go to the support page I notice that it does show me all the info for my HD-PRO slingbox like the ID, the last known IP, last date of connect, etc.  There is no entry at all for my classic box.


      So what's the deal?  Is the classic now no longer usable for internet viewing?  It worked as recently as July when I was on a trip but it is not working now.


      Any ideas are appreciated!