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    Wireless streaming on router without internet


      I have a logitech harmony remote.  I want my Samsung captivate to do what it does (touch one button and my tv powers up, selects cable tv, powers up my reciever selecting audio from the tv.

      -  Can I do this with Slongbox?


      I have a wireless N router.  I want to stream video from my PS3 to watch in my backyard.

      -  Can I stream audio video to my Captivate using the wireless router vice internet  (so I don't use up my 2gig data plan for my phone)


      Music that I used to listen to on my I-pod is now on my captivate.

      -  Can I stream music from my phone to my stereo using the slingbox?

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          Hi, lokitown.


          The Slingbox is a network device that allows you to stream the audio / video signal using the Internet. You need to connect the Slingbox at home and hook it up to your router (to reach the Internet) and also to the TV source (cable box, DVR or satellite receiver).


          The following links will provide you with all the information you must know about the Slingbox.


          Slingbox PRO-HD Overview


          Slingbox SOLO Overview


          Just keep in mind that you will not need the Internet service if you want to get the Slingbox up and running on your own network. Regarding the last two questions, it will all depends on your Mobile device capabilities.