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    Router, router connection, and SB ID problem


      Greetings to everyone:


      New to both slingbox (SB) pro and  FIOS. I am running XP pro, SP2, Dell Desk top, 1 gig RAM, 100GB Hard Drive, 3.0 Ghz speed.

      Note: SB account has been established.


      1) plugged in SB power supply. Unit powers up (indicator light on).

      2) Ran CAT 5 cable to LAN port (1 of 4 LAN available) on FIOS Modem, to the SB.  Both SB lights now on.

      3) Ran coax cable from FIOS output of set top box (STB model # Motorola HD Q1P 6200-2) into "T" splitter, with one cable to SB input, and one to TV (input).

      4)Any and all known firewalls present were shut down during this process.


      5) Logged into my SB account to determine SB ID number. A message was displayed that indiated that the SB could not be found/detected


      May I ask what am I doing wrong here, as all cables test good.


      Any assistance is appreciated.  Thank you.