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    Install two custom remote codes with the same code V2010


      Unfortunately, I have two devices that both require custom remote codes.  I found them, and they both work great.  The problem is that both .bin files are V2010_PL.bin.  When installing using V2010, they both work, but when I install the other, it makes the previous one not work.  I tried renaming the .bin file to V2011_PL.bin, but this didn't work.  I tried editing the V2010_PL.bin file, but it appears it isn't text encoded.


      Is there some way to change the code for a .bin file to something other than V2010?  Is there a workaround that will make this work?  Thanks!

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I wrote both the Remotes (I use 2010 as my personal 'handle').   Just tell me which ones and I will rebuild one of them for you with a different code.

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              Wow!  Thanks!  That's really generous of you.  I really appreciate you offering to take the time to do something like that for me.  It's people like you who make online communities like this so helpful.  Kudos to you!


              I was actually working on programing my One for All 6131 JP1 remote, when I realized that Sling .bin files were compiled using Remote Master.  So, being already familiar with Remote Master, it was a simple step to start making my own .bin files from the Remote Master file you so kindly included.  So, problem solved.  Thank you so much!


              BTW, the remote I was using was the Moxi DVR remote.  I added the Jump key and assigned the Zoom (it was listed in Remote Master, but not assigned to a key).  I also changed how the remote worked a little bit.  I reassigned the next and back keys to the color keys.  Then, I double assigned the channel up and down to both the channel up and down and the page up and down.  This is how the Moxi works, when you hit the channel buttons in the guide, it acts like a page up/down key.  This has the added benefit (and is really why I did it) of making the Android Sling app function with page up and down properly.  Much more convenient for the Android app.  In addition, I assigned the Zoom button to the Exit button (not a perfect assignment, but this is an important button, and I wanted it to be front and center.  The exit button achieved this.), and I added and assigned Jump to the Last Channel button (which is what it does).  I also double assigned the L4 button.  Since there is a Live button, I assigned it to the Live button as well as the Custom14 button.  Lastly, I double assigned the Moxi button to the Program Guide button and the Menu button (I think you just had it on the Menu button.)


              Your files were quite comprehensive, and my changes may be purely a matter of personal preferences (except for the Zoom and Jump buttons), but I'd be happy to share these files.  I'll upload them in a day or two when I have time to package it into a nice zip file.  Thanks again for your help!