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    Remote Power On/Off of Slingbox SOLO and DRV




      I'd like to purchase a Slingbox SOLO to access my local cable company's channels (via a FIOS DVR) while I'm away on vacation during the Summer.  Nobody will be at home.  Since we have periodic power outages where I live, I'm concerned about my ability to maintain access after an outage.  So my questions are: 


      1) If the Slingbox looses power, does return to an "on" state after power is restored?


      2)  If the Slingbox defaults to "off" when power is restored, can I remotely power on the Slingbox using the remote software? 


      3) Similarly, if my DVR looses power and thus shuts off, can I turn the DVR power on remotely using the Slingbox remote software once power is restored?


      I'm thinking that if the answer to one of these questions is "no", then I guess I'd be forced to get a UPS for both the Slingbox and DVR to assure continued remote access?   Are there other issues with being away for extended periods that would cause me to loose remote access?


      Thanks for your help!