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    No Network light


      I have verizon fios internet and its always done me well. But a couple months ago the slingbox decided to stop working for some reason. when i reset it now the network light blinks multiple times then just stops. it will not connect to the internet and get a ip for it to work? why does it do this, how can I fix it?

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          Hi Killklli,


          Try these troubleshooting articles and see if they help with the errors you're experiencing:


          About the lights on the front of the Slingbox


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off


          Let us know how it works.

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              fofo: I have tried it all: new power supply, multiple resets. No network light.  I am assuming a software update  permanently crashed me, or that an internal component has failed (nothing internally obvious: all the capacitors looked intact- the intesive use of VLSIs in the slingbox makes a debug by a thirdparty impossible or at least too time consuming). Sometimes, machines just die: does Slingbox have any programs to take back the failed Pro-HDs for some credit, or is there a repair process. A 2 year life for the Pro-hds, and from the forums alot of them failed in 4Q2010, seems like too early a failure for an electronics box like the $299  Pro-HD: either a systematic component failure or the software update killed them. Slingbox should try to make their customers happy: alot of us are both early adopters, and electronics/software engineers. UPDATE: I persisted calling the different help numbers (googled slingbox telephone number etc) and eventually got a human voice on the phone. Explained my problem. They offered to replace the Slingbox for $149.00 and Sling paid the shipping. I saw this as the most time/cost effective solution to get a Slingbox back into operation.

              UPDATE for request for telephone number from Ezduzit: 877-467-5464; or whatever the current customer supportline is. I just keep hitting zero for all their automated requests- automated software didn't understand the zero, and eventually it trapped out and sent me to a live person. Good luck.

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                  Sir... Can you please post the phone number you found?  I, too, have the Pro-HD and it has died on me after only 6-1/2 months.  I am a Systems and Network Engineer.  I have been working with DataCenter (and home) Networks for over 25 years.  So I suspect I have a "brick" because if I leave the box OFF for 15-20 minutes... and then plug it back in, it will return to normal.  My home-router (Netgear Wireless WNR3500L) has been configured to assign a static IP (  I also know that the proper port-forwarding (5001) is set.  I can use the website to see the video and audio feed perfectly.  But after only 5-7 minutes... the Network Light on this piece-of-**** goes away.  I need to find out if I can get a replacement too!