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    slingbox connected to a new receiver, problems

    jiggy79 Newbie

      Yesterday I just recently I upgraded my receiver to a Dish Network VIP 612 from the standard Dish Network DVR 625. My Slingbox setup is pretty much the same as I had it before on the other receiver but the thing is that the Slingbox will lose internet connection and will pause while watching tv over the phone, laptop or even the slingcatcher. I went through the setup assistant and attempt to change it to VIP 612 but the remote wouldn't work so I changed it to remote address 2 which it work because that's how the remote address is setup directly on the receiver (I tried changing the remote address to 1 on the receiver but it wouldn't work). The slingbox is setup on port 5001 on TCP and UDP and for RDP (remote desktop procedure or protocol is set to 3389 on the slingbox as well, maybe that's causing conflict). What do I need to do to get a stabilize connection, so I won't have to keep pushing the reset button on my slingbox to get a short steady internet connection (before the receiver upgrade..the connection was stabilize). Any help would be greatly appreciated