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    Viewing from slingbox.com has stopped working.


      The Watch link at the top of the browser page now takes me to newwatch.slingbox.com, starts initializing, then immediately to setup.slingbox.com and tells me that I can't complete setup from the browser anymore and directs me to an app to download.  I went to www.slingbox.com/Products/SlingplayerApps and downloaded the Windows app from the link to my computer.  I ran the app but that goes immediately to setup for reconfiguring my slingbox.  The feed (video and audio) from my slingbox appear in the setup window, so no configuration is needed, but that is all I can do.  I can't get to any controls to control the DVR and can't change stations.  When setup completes it closes and the web link still doesn't work - it takes me back to the page telling me I can't run setup from the browser.  This happens on Internet Explorer, Edge, and Chrome browsers. 


      I downloaded the app from the Windows store but that app is terrible - picture quality is terrible and the controls are unresponsive.  I have tried this app in the past with the same results which is why I have always gone back to the web app.


      Please fix the web Watch command.  I have wasted over 3 hours on this today and could not enjoy the programs I wanted to watch due to poor picture quality.


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