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    Slingplayer will not start even after hard reset and reconfiguration

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      I have a Slingbox Pro HD which is, admittedly, old and out of warranty. But it worked just fine up until a month or so ago, and I believe there is NOTHING wrong with the unit itself. I did a hard reset, and reconfigured the whole thing using the SlingPlayer for desktop on my MacBook. When I was configuring it to work with my cable system and router, the Slingbox turned on and worked perfectly. I could see and hear the television through my computer and control all aspects using the onscreen remote control. At the end, it said "switch to watching on browser" and I said OK. I have tried BOTH Safari and Firefox, and NEITHER of them works to either turn on or view or control the Slingbox when I go to the Slingbox website and choose "Watch Live TV." The screen comes up and it says "Launching Slingplayer," but nothing happens. I am home and looking right at the Pro HD and it doesn't even turn on as it did when it was being configured. I have all of the latest updates for my Mac. Any advice?