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    Slingplayer Desktop Error: "Failed to load Slingplayer Desktop"


      I've been at my wits end for the last week as the Slingplayer Desktop app for Windows has essentially stopped working. But it seems to be an altogether different situation than what other people have been experiencing.


      Starting up the app brings me this message on an otherwise all-black screen:


      Failed to load Slingplayer Desktop. Error code is -105

      Please check your Internet Connection and try again


      Yes, my internet connection is fine. I'm typing and submitting this post right now. Yes, I've attempted to repair, as well as completely uninstall and re-install the application. I did not update anything before this error began appearing -- no Windows Updates, no changes to the application version, nothing.


      I can still reach my Slingbox (an M1) through the Android app (though it has its own never-ending and unsolvable issues that make me want to use the desktop application) but it's become so hard to defend this entire company with the continual downward spiral of quality after years of things working well. Unfortunately, there are no comparable options on the market, so with the monopoly comes my begging: can you fix this, Sling? Please? Make a fix to the internal update that could potentially solve the problem, or offer up an updated (fixed) version of the program to download. This is the most mind-boggling error I've ever received.


      Thanks for your time (though I doubt I'll receive a response).