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    Slingplayer problems, non supported boxes, Corporate Greed

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      Hey Sling:


      If you are not going to support your products, just tell us.  Make a proper announcement, so your former customers can plan for changes.  It is obvious you have chosen not to support your products and instead of informing your customer base, you just cut us off using the software/firmware updates to do it.  Shame on you. Your people will not even answer a question on the phone, or email as to our status.  Shame on you.


      OK, you got bought out by Disk and billionaire "Charlie E." wants to squeeze us for more money, but be honest for a change and tell your customers that you are going to stiff them and why. 


      Disk has a terrible reputation for a reason and now Sling is right their with them, in the same corporate mode - stick it the customer first. 


      By the way, I wrote a review of your products, but your people refused to post it.  Really, only post the positive ones.  WOW, are you sleazy. Shame on you.


      Is there not one honest person on the company?


      Bottom line: Your players don't work properly and you don't care.  Again, shame on you.


      I hope the FTC sues you for fraud.