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    Stuck on "Connecting to Slingbox in Slingplayer"


      The desktop player doesn't work anymore and I've tried in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and get the message that it is connecting to slingbox but never does. The iPhone app works fine so I don't understand what is going on. Customer service is also absolute garbage.

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          We’ve streamlined the ways that you watch TV and set up your Slingbox. For all Slingbox models that you use:


          ·         To watch TV, please use http://watch.slingbox.com

          ·         For Slingbox setup/configuration, use the free Slingplayer app for Windows and Mac.


          If you have been using a different method to watch your Slingbox in the past, we apologize, that method may no longer be available.


          Want to learn more? Please visit:


          Thank you,


          Sling Media Support!

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            What a deal.  I rely on my slingbox(s) for use whilst traveling; particularly outside of the USA.  I don't check it at all while sitting at home.  However, I always do a check just prior to traveling.


            I use the Pro HD or the Solo.  Both worked perfectly in Nov. 2016 when I had my last assignment "...keeping the world safe for democracy....." (or so I'm told...).  Getting ready to head out to another dung heap of a "nation" and began fiddling around to make certain I was good to go.  PROBLEMS.


            The Slingplayer for Desktop, while listing all the slingboxes I have (always have back up electronics) shows my "stuff" but claims it can't find it.  I click "connect" and something launches and it proclaims it is the Slingplayer for Desktop.  I don't think so....; I view programming either using the Slingplayer or viewing via slingbox.com web site; have the plug in; have browser EDGE and Chrome; yada, yada, yada.  I found for whatever reason I obtained a superior picture via the Slingplayer sometimes and other times via the web site in the past.  Ain't that way now.


            Ok.....so I uninstall the most current release of Slingplayer and install the old timey player.  Works perfectly, but it sure ain't HD AND CANNOT STREAM VIA Slingbox.com no more!!  That ain't right.  Uninstall the old timey player; reinstall the most current version and I'm watching.  Now, when I watch via the web site, the player ID in the about section states it's the Slingplayer for Desktop!!  Not the Slingplayer for Web.  Oh my goodness.


            Now, being the backup kinda guy I am, I also use a sling adaptor with a DISH receiver and separate ISP for yet another option.  It works, although I really don't like the format that DISH uses on their dishanywhere site.


            It's one giant cluster truck and most annoying.  The most annoying aspect of it all is that when I launch Slingplayer Desktop, it wants me to re-configure the slingbox....right.....when I'm 8k miles from "home".  What in blue blazes is going on???


            PS:  This what it say when I am viewing via slingbox.com:

            Slingplayer Desktop Version


            Web App Version


            Player Plugin Version



            Desktop version?  Say what?!!  I ain't using the desktop version of slingplayer!!  I using the web app.  As I think about it, maybe thems is just generic version numbers.  Again....it's a cluster truck and makes a guy wanna call in arty.....


            Oh yeah....when the stream does begin the notation in the upper left hand corner of the slingplayer is SLINGPLAYER FOR WEB.


            I've tried calling the SlingMedia phones and all I get is voicemail.  It's ridiculous.  Incredible.  Thank goodness I have the DISH back up and now I am being compelled to look at buying the M1......there is a Groupon special for $49.99; free shipping but it expires in a couple of hours.  I wanted to speak with someone at Sling to see if the desktop player will play separately from the web based player. 





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              I am unable to connect using my computer or my iphone today.   What is going on?

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                Over last few weeks I have have instances of being stuck and can't access my Slingbox only for it to work fine the next day.   Today I was stuck again and tried a few separate things and it worked.  Whether it was just by chance, guess only time will tell.


                First, I closed by Ad-Blocker extension then closed Chrome and reopened it, but was still stuck "on connecting".


                So then I closed Chrome again and opened the Windows Task Manager (control, alt, delete). Under processes I saw 3-4 instances of Slingplayerforweb.exe running and almost a dozen Chrome.exe processing running. I closed all versions of both of those processes, then reopened Chrome and lo and behold connected right away to my Slingbox.


                I am wondering if that we we close Slingplayer For Web on our computer, if it's not really closing out the running processes as it should, so that when we try to connect the next time, it can't connect because it things a version is already running?

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                  Since the new web player, it frequently says "Connecting to your Slingbox in Slingplayer..." It happens regularly and this never happened when I had the previous browser plugin or the desktop player. It's really infuriating. I know this is an issue with the software not the box because I can get it going by using the Repair function in Windows uninstall, sometimes that does not work and I have to install the Slingplayer Desktop again. When I run setup, it always shows video just the Firefox and Chrome browsers won't show it and that's the only way to watch it now since you took away my non-browser player. I can play it suing the embed html embed code but it's not as good, the audio lags a lot and I have to use the lowest video quality to combat this. This is some of the worst software I currently own. You need new engineers!

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                    need more data.  operating system?  Which sling box?


                    Windows 10 released a crippling update a few weeks back which negated anything viewable over sling box.  However, that was corrected with a subsequent update.  So, which OS is being used???  Also, which slingbox???  The most current desktop slingplayer WILL NOT FUNCTION with anything but the M1 or newer product.  However, if you uninstall the most current Desktop player and install the older version, it'll work.  Perhaps Sling just wants to implement planned obsolescence and compel all of us to buy new gear.


                    My own situation found me hunting down the M1 for $49.95.  The M1 DOES work with the NEW desktop slingplayer and plays on slingbox.com .  The Slingbox Pro and HD WILL stream.....but not via the stand alone desktop player.  Nope...you're compelled to use slingbox.com and "watch" (which will also want the plug in).  Now if you install the OLD sling player, everything streams just fine but the video picture leaves a lot to be desired.


                    please advise.

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                      I deleted the old Slingplayer provided in the above link since it did not function for my Slingbox 500.  I then went into the PC Control Panel and under the Slingplayer for Web, I clicked on the repair link.  After that, I was able to watch my Slingbox 500 just fine.


                      Hope that helps.