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    Slinging Video to a Roku


      I just purchased a Slingbox 500 so I could sling by cable TV to my Roku connected devices.  I'm trying to do this with an android phone but it does not work for me.  Does anyone else have this problem?  My android phone will display my Rokus but they are displayed with an "!".  Does anyone know what this symbol is telling me and how to get rid of it?

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          I understand you are having issues when trying to cast to your Roku. If  your android phone displays a "!" it may be that your Roku is not connected to the internet. Please make sure both the Roku and your android phone are on the same network. Below is a helpful link:


          Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Roku



          Thank you,


          Sling Media Support!

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              In your response, you indicated that my Roku may not be connected to the

              Internet.  Since I am able to watch streaming videos from both Netflix and

              Hulu,from all 10 of my Roku devices, that should indicate that my Roku is

              connected to the Internet.


              Second, you said make sure that the Roku and the Android phone is on the

              same network.  The SlingPlayer app on my android phone is able to discover

              my Roku, isn't being on the same network required for the SlingPlayer app

              to be able to discover the Roku?  In other words, if the SlingPlayer app on

              my android phone is able to discover the Roku, isn't that enough proof that

              they must be on the same network?


              So I am back to being confused about the "!" next to each Roku that is

              listed.  If my Roku can access the Internet to stream videos from Hulu and

              Netflix and if the SlingPlayer app is able to discover the Roku, what else

              could be causing the "!"?


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                I discovered something new today concerning the problem that I'm having

                slinging the TV channel to a Roku.


                I will step you through what I did and then tell you my new discovery.


                1)  I confirmed the IP address of my Roku.




                2)  I confirmed that the Roku could access the Internet by streaming a

                Netflix video.




                3)  I used an App on my android phone to confirm the IP address of my phone

                and to confirm that it could access the Internet.




                4)  I then selected the mirror icon inside of the Sling Player App to

                display the compatible Rokus on my network.




                The next thing that happened was unexpected.


                When I selected the Roku that is in the room from which I was working, I

                saw nothing.  However, a Roku in another room that is on a TV that my wife

                was watching displayed the Roku Sling Player Channel.  The TV signal was

                never streamed to that TV but the wrong Roku did respond by opening the

                Sling Player Channel.  If you can see my Android screenshot above, you can

                see that every Roku listed has an "!" next to it.  I still have no

                explanation for the cause of the "!".  I still don't know why I cannot

                Sling to a Roku.


                The web link that was provided by support does not offer any

                troubleshooting steps that I have not already tried.  Please offer me a

                solution or simply tell me that the Slingbox 500 does not Sling to a Roku

                as advertised so I can return the Slingbox for a refund.


                Thank you,

                Roland Alexander





                On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 11:48 AM, Roland Alexander <ralexlaptop@gmail.com>

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                  Slingbox support tells me that I have too many Rokus and that is the reason

                  that I'm not able to sling to my Roku with a Slingbox 500.




                  I unplugged every Roku except one and the Slingbox 500 still will not sling

                  the TV signal to it.




                  On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 9:26 PM, Roland Alexander <ralexlaptop@gmail.com>