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    Router absolutely needed ?



      I'm interested in buying a Slingbox Pro-HD, but I'm wondering about the necessity to get a router.

      My aim is only being able to record some Xbox 360 gameplay. My Xbox 360 is very close to my Macbook Pro. So, I would like to know if a router is absolutely needed to let me stream my gameplay to my Macbook (then record the stream), or if I can simply plug an Ethernet cable between the Slingbox and my Macbook Pro ?


      Second little question, since I live in France and the Pro-HD is not out yet, can I buy it in the USA without any kind of connection or hardware issues (except buying an AC adapter) ?


      Thank you very much !

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          tiborg Newbie

          You don't need a router for local access, but you would probably be better off getting a video capture device plugged directly into your laptop.

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              Thank you for your answer.

              The problem is I own a Macbook Pro, and I only have an Expresscard/34 expansion slot. So I guess I need an external capture device.

              I also look for what would cost me the less with a decent quality (720p would be fine), that's why I'm watching to the Pro-HD model, which unfortunaly is unavaible in my country.