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    ATT U-Verse 3800HGV-B: Cannot Connect


      I just moved and installed ATT U-Verse at my home.  My Sling Box Solo has worked well over the last 2 years. 


      Now, I cannot connect when I am at home with the U-Verse from home ... it gets stuck and freezes at the "Streaming ..." point. 


      However, it works perfectly normal when I am in ANY OTHER location (other than home).  Also, when I am at home using

      • iPhone 3G - no problem
      • iPhone Wi-Fi - freezes also! 


      Please kindly help.

        • Re: ATT U-Verse 3800HGV-B: Cannot Connect

          Hi, edwardks


          The reported symptoms lead us to think that you are connecting the cable box / DVR to your router. If this is your case, we recommend you to disconnect the TV source from the router and test the connection at home. Make sure to follow this recommendation and let us know how it works for you.