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    Solo freezing when using the menus/guide on Virgin V+ box.


      Hello, hope you fine people can help my little situation. Just got my Slingbox Solo setup today connected through ethernet and playing over WiFi. It was working fine with composite on my Virgin V+  (UK) box but when I set it up with a component cable accessing the menus/guide there is some video corruption in the way of horizontal lines and horizontal scramble. Within 10 - 60 seconds stream freezes and then the Slingbox shortly after and I cannot reconnect. Same issue in both the Windows player and the iPhone app. It requires a physical reset from the Slingbox.


      This is proving quite difficuilt as I am disabled and the Slingbox is up 2 flights of stairs.


      .This is the error that comes up when trying to reconnect:

      • Error: 0x92340011
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:1


      Thanks in advance.


      (personal reference: steveatron)