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    Will the SlingCatcher work for what I want to do?

      I do not know much about this so please bear with me.

      I am going to explain my situation to you guys and I hope you can let me know if a Sling product will work for me, or if not, what would be an alternative solution.


      I have moved out of my parents' house and on to the city for work (Chicago). My parents have DISH services. I now live 50 miles away from my parent's house. My new apartment building is on the 13th floor of a 50 floor building. If I want cable TV.. I have to use RCN (management rule). If I want satellite TV... good luck, because they don't allow any installs on the outside of the building

      I called a bunch of local Dish retailers to see if they will install the dish inside my room.. my windows face the right direction I believe (living room is south, bedroom southwest) - but they still won't do it. I was considering installing it myself but I have no idea what I'm doing.

      So I think the Slingbox or Slingcatcher may possibly be an alternative solution. From my understanding - here is what it does. It allows you to access your dish service anywhere you go where there is a high speed connection. So this leads me to conclude that I can access my parent's Dish service 50 miles away, as long as I have high speed internet. Is this true? This will save me from paying RCN's horrible prices. My plan is to just purchase high speed internet via AT&T .. 6 mbps for 20$ a month with no contract.

      If this is possible - I have a bunch of follow up questions:

      - Is this practical?  Will it affect the internet connection at home?  Will I have to increase the upload speed back home?
      - There are two TVs at my parent's house. I believe there is only one receiver though, so it is a dual receiver. So what happens when I introduce a 3rd TV, 50 miles away, via the Slingbox/catcher.  Do I need another receiver?
      - How much will all this cost?

      Also, can anyone think of any alternatives? I really don't want to give into RCN!

      I don't really even need most channels.. the bare necessities are just the local channels, ESPN, and TNT (in other words, basketball and football games).  Internet TV would be awesome if I can find something reliable that will play what I want (live).

      Thanks in advance!