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    Slingbox playback stops every 30-60 min or so?


      Every so often the Windows Slingbox app just stops, as if it got to the "end".  It's still responsive and everything, but I have to quit the program and re-run it to get it to come back.  It's like it's a built-in limitation to prevent me from streaming from my Slingbox too long.  Is that what it is or?  If so, why?

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          Hi, CrazyDood


          We recommend you to update the router's firmware version as the first step. Then, if you are using any kind of switch or bridge, make sure to get a steady connection.


          If you are using the SlingLinks, the following links will provide you with some steps to follow.


          A guide to basic SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting


          More SlingLink and SlingLink TURBO troubleshooting

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              It takes 3 months for replies? 


              Router?  My Internet router?  I can turn off my router  and still access my Slingbox.  I'm talking about the Windows version of  the Slingbox client.  It's not an issue with my switches or anything  because it ALWAYS stops right at a set 30 minutes in the Slingbox  timeline, as if it was programmed that way.  It's not like it stops at a  random spot.  It will say 30:00 exactly on the timeline.  It's as if  the programmers put a limit on how long you could let your Slingbox  client run.  There's no way my switches could know to stop video right  at 30 min.  I'm surprised others haven't reported this.  All you have to  do is turn to any channel and let it run for an hour.  It will stop at  some point, trust me.  To start it playing again I just have to quit the  app and re-run it.


              The other thing is I wish I could select the path  where I want the Slingbox time shift files, etc. to be.  Right now they  seem to be on my C: drive, which is where the OS is and therefore slows  things down sometimes.  If we could select a different path, it would be  much nicer.


              Other than these two issues, I'm fine with it, even with its other issues.

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              I have exactly the same problem.  Playback always stops when the live buffer fills up (indicating 60 minutes).  This problem occurs even when I connect to different sling boxes.  This seems to indicate that the problem is with the slingplayer software rather than the slingbox.  I have updated to the most recent slingplayer desktop release (2.0.4522), but the problem persists.  I am running Windows Vista 64-bit.  The only way I have found to live with this problem is to disconnect and reconnect, which clears the live buffer.  Is there any resolution to this problem?   Are people having this problem with a 32-bit OS?  (maybe a 64-bit software bug in the buffering software?).

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                I have the same problem. Firmware version 2.1.90. Viewing stops after 30 minutes. 100% reproducable. Very annoying. Any suggestions?