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    Does Slingplayer Desktop still work with the M2 and 500?


      I currently have the 350 and Sling Desktop is obviously not working with it anymore.  I don't mind upgrading if the M2/500 work with it the Desktop PC app.

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          why even bother spending money on buying a new slingbox?!

          once another new device comes out, M2 and 500 will not work properly again, like my 350.

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            jaswinder05 Newbie

            The 500 does not work with the desktop.


            The M1 does work.


            I can say that watching on the Web browser is good but definitely needs tweaking by Slingmedia so that it is up to scratch with the desktop experience,  eg keyboard commands.


            Further more Iam sure Slingmedia have their reasons for taking this step , it would be nice for them to be a little more clearer with the slingbox loyal community.  I MOST CERTAINLY LOVE MY SLINGBOX  AND IAM SURE MANY MANY OTHERS DO . We the community would be understanding if it's finacial/security reasons to why they have taken these decisions .



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              SlingSupportMagdalena Moderators



              We’ve streamlined the ways that you watch TV and set up your Slingbox. For all Slingbox models that you use:


              ·         To watch TV, please use http://watch.slingbox.com

              ·         For Slingbox setup/configuration, use the free Slingplayer app for Windows and Mac.


              If you have been using a different method to watch your Slingbox in the past, we apologize, that method may no longer be available.


              Want to learn more? Please visit:


              Thank you,


              Sling Media Support!

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                  So does this mean that you have led us on for weeks, asking for configuration to try to diagnose what when wrong, whereas you INTENTIONALLY removed support of the desktop app?  Leaving us with only the web player that is significantly worse?


                  And I was dumb enough to have bought 2 500's when you intentionally removed support for them (not only not announcing it, but leading us to believe that you were trying to fix it), while keeping the support for the cheaper M1 units???


                  I'll have to stop talking up my slingboxes when it comes up... I'll mention now that I use them but to try to find anything else if at all possible.


                  Thank you for your "support".

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                    At least someone from Sling has apparently stated the intention that appears to be discontinuing support for the desktop application?


                    This is not an acceptable strategy and weakens your offering and more importantly the service level you offer your loyal customer base.


                    I have upgraded several times, in the last year I have upgraded both boxes to 350 to get HD and also so that I can have the same user experience regardless of which one I connect to.  My main use is at home on a second monitor from my windows PC and for that I need the desktop app that has been stable and reliable and easy to use until someone at Sling decided to "upgrade" my boxes and render it unusable.


                    The web streaming is a great facility to allow viewing on any browser equipped PC but for regular use I need a desktop application.  The various compatibility and intermittent perrformance of the web browsers access plus the flaky interfaces to control the box and the long waits to see if it has indeed accepted the command I sent 10 seconds ago is just not good enough.


                    Do the right thing Sling and recover some of your credibility with your customer base before you destroy your own business - update and publish a working desktop app and make a commitment to backward support for x generations to build confidence and trust. 


                    If you must display adverts give the option to stop after 5 seconds and then no more during the session.


                    You had it working fine, just fix it and complete your app offering to include PC platform.

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                      Hi Maggie,

                      So, have you killed the Windows 10 desktop app?

                      I can only watch in a browser.

                      But I would rather watch on the desktop app.

                      Thank you.


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                        HT1977 Newbie

                        I realize you must provide the company response, but many users are generally upset with the development route which Slingbox took with the hardware and software.

                        The bottom line is making a profit,.   That's why the ads were integrated, etc., into the viewer, and users were forced to use the suggested software product, as older items were simply made non-compatible with newer sling devices.

                        I've owned two Slingboxes, personally and my company has purchased hundreds, of all model types, so I have a better historical perspective than the average user.  My company saw the writing on the wall a few years ago, but implementing a new solution and  replacing hundreds of devices  isn't done over night.  Legacy sites still must be maintained until new solutions are installed.  Keeping up with the Slingbox hardware and software upgrade requirement is like trying to hit a moving target every six to eight months.  Maintaining five or six Slinbox models in the network, with the myriad of software requirements is not a one-man job in a large network.  The frustration is compounded when it seems to the loyal user that Slinbox  was never  concerned about the consequences generated by it's development track and rather short support cycle of individual products.


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                        I am so frustrated with Sling.  I went from fantastic viewing on my MacBook Pro with the App, to questionable viewing with the newatch web site to now not being able to connect either my M1 or 500.  This is ridiculous.  AND it is not easy to find any information.  When I go through my account on the newatch site, it tells me to download the desktop APP!


                        Someone please tell me a different product.  I am SO disgusted!

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                          Just update Firmware and it will work great