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    New problem with desktop interface

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      The Windows-10 (64-bit) desktop interface that worked well for at least a year. It shows the Slingbox Directory with my Slingbox 500 being found and ready to stream ("green" light in the left margin of the directory). However, the active button for the Slingbox 500 for "Connect" shows "Reconfigure" and after going through the reconfiguration, the screen says setup is complete and the preview screen is good, but thee directory still says rI need to reconfigure. I did a soft rest and checked all wires, as well as reinstalled the Windows software and it still says reconfigure. The Sling 500 is working okay on Android devices. Logging into my Slingbox website account reports "All Slingbox network systems are O."  The Slingbox M2 which is on the same network connects with no problems. How can I get past the "Reconfigure" button for accessing the Slingbox 500 with the Windows desktop interface?


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          While not exactly the same, I just saw similar issues reported in another thread. The solution was To watch TV, please use http://watch.slingbox.com

          My problem with this is I want this solely  on my LAN and off the grid - not for the internet. Sling has essentially said if you want to use their product then an internet account would be required for the network for which the Sling is attached. Perhaps they are now collecting cookies and viewing statistics for sale to broadcast networks and advertisers?