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    Component Image Query: Uverse


      I hooked up my Pro HD via Component out of the Uverse box.  I set up everything according to tthe directions.  Installed the Sling software and just got audio.  Found that funny.  So in order to make sure that the PorHD was just getting a signal I hooked up the output of the ProHD to the T.V. magic I got a picture to stream.  I then proceeded to unplug the component from the T.V. and lost the picture. So I did another test.  I switched between the HDMI and Component inputs on the TV making the image that I was streaming come and go.  So now I can only watch anything from my sling box only if it is connected to the display and is on that input, anyone else have this problem or does my slingbox have a terminating issue?  Any info would be appreciated.